What happens on lessons?

At the start of each lesson as well as recapping the previous lesson, we chat about what you would like to achieve on the lesson in relation to a particular subject.

Lesson content is tailored to your ability so if you learn fast and make good progress you can quickly move on to the next driving element and maximise your lesson time.

If you take a bit more time to get things right, its no problem, you can spend longer on it. If you find it really hard, it doesnt matter either as we will spend whatever time YOU need to get things right for you.

Your lesson will be structured to suit you and for the goals you would like to achieve and wont be a case of just driving around for the sake of it. 

Passionate about learners getting full value from their lesson and actually driving as much as possible, I wont waste your time by padding out the lesson repeating things when its not necessary. As soon as you are ready to move on to new stuff, that’s what we can do!

If an aspect of the lesson isnt suiting you – tell me! we can change it around to make it better.

Your routes on lessons will be designed for your needs – challenging in order to push you out of your comfort zone if that’s what you need or nice and easy if you want to take things slowly.

From early on in your lessons you will be encouraged to be an independent thinker with your driving which will help develop your driving skills and confidence.

Most of my learners and that includes even the most nervous drivers pass their test 1st time and one reason is they have a high level of confidence in their driving ability which has been instilled in the lessons by me encouraging them to develop their individual judgement skills.

Good and safe driving is alot about judgement ie what to do when you are on your own and faced with a particular situation around you on the road.


Full support and encouragement given for private practice at home and an emailed report on every lesson if required so you and your parents can keep an eye on how lessons are going and ensure your money is well spent .

Every lesson is written up to record your progress so we can both easily remember what you did last lesson.


Preferred test time is mid morning. You can have unlimited time prior to test on the day to recap and practice  to ensure you are fully prepared – this pre test driving makes a MASSIVE difference to your chance of passing as it helps steady your nerves and  all of my previous students will vouch for how well they were mentally prepared.

Test bookings will be made on your behalf using my DVSA account at the standard rate of £62.00 and I will aim to get you a test within 10 days of you being test ready.


By online bank transfer to my bank account  after the lesson. You dont have to pay up front for lessons.


You will not be charged for short notice cancellations