There are no tests available for 5 months! how do I book one?
I book all my student’s tests at the standard DVSA rate of £62.00. Most instructors have access to their own online DVSA business account where we can log in and find last minute cancellations. Since the start of COVID, I have been able to secure a test slot for every single student within 10 days of them being test ready. If you fail a test with me ( you probably won’t !) the aim is to get you another test within 14 days so you won’t have the stress of thinking a fail will result in a 5 month wait nor will you need to mess about with cancellation apps, I’ll do it all for you. The only proviso is that you use Kingswood Test Centre as it’s a busy centre with around 12 Examiners which is why the spare slots come up.