Review 49

18 MAY 2024…………..

This man is a top tier instructor that doesn’t teach you like a robot. Matt helped me become a competent driver. He stresses the importance of dealing with situations accordingly with measured approach, not panicking or overly cautious but with confidence.
And this is brought about by thinking through all the risks and mitigating them with the right driving sense during any scenario which he gets you to realise yourself by asking the right questions to allow for lessons to be learned through self reflection and not being spoon-fed the right answer ensuring mistakes and bad driving habits are corrected.
In stark contrast to my previous instructor who taught driving by the textbook, this method of teaching under his guidance has and will enable me to deal with an eventuality – dual carriageways, the dreaded parallel park – you name it he’ll get you where you need to be.
His meticulous style of teaching will allow you to deal with whatever surprises the test throws at good or bad! As long as you are equipped with the right knowledge and practical experience. It will be a breeze.
Since passing first time today with ZERO faults the proof is in the pudding! 🥂
Keep up the good work Matt!    LEO L